Why You Should Use a Quantity Surveyor When You Build That New Extension

Almost all types of construction projects, ranging from large building projects to residential extensions, can benefit from the services of a quantity surveyor. Why aren’t companies and individual property owners taking advantage of the services quantity surveyors offer?

In order to better answer that question, it is imperative to understand the critical role that a quantity surveyor plays in a construction project.

Also known as construction economists, project managers and cost engineers, quantity surveyors are more known for their work in large-scale commercial projects. In these projects, their main role is to oversee the costs involved in a construction project — or, to put it succinctly, to ensure that the property owner gets the best value out of his investment.

The main task of a quantity surveyor is to cost the building project. But apart from this critical function, a quantity surveyor also performs other tasks that can effectively reduce the risks associated with any type of construction project. These tasks include cost planning, setting timetables, value engineering, conducting feasibility studies, and valuation of works and work packages.

Quantity surveyors may also perform some of the roles that are often associated with estate agents. These include building and measure surveys, handling planning applications, insurance assessment and claims assistance, defect investigation, conducting pre-acquisition surveys, and negotiating dilapidations.

Apart from ensuring that a project remains within budget, quantity surveyors can perform multiple roles, including quality control.

Why aren’t some property owners and construction firms hiring these professionals? Some think that hiring a building surveyor will only add to the overall project cost. It may sound counterintuitive, but hiring a quantity surveyor before the project starts can actually help you save more money over the long run.

Ideally, you should appoint an independent quantity surveyor at around the same time that you hire an architect for your home extension. This will ensure that you can actually afford the project cost before the submission of building plans.

It is critical to underscore the importance of hiring a surveyor independent from the construction firm and the architect. An independent surveyor will act as your representative and can prove to be an invaluable ally in situations where conflicts arise between the builder and the property owner. Your quantity surveyor can ensure that you are not over-charged and provide you with comfort and advice during the mediation process.

Is hiring a quantity surveyor worth the money? When you are working with a set budget, it may seem counterintuitive to hire another professional for your project. However, with the immense value that a quantity surveyor brings to the project, you are making a sound investment.

If you’d like to learn more about how a Quantity Surveyor can help you on your next project, please get in touch.