Why You Need a Quantity Surveyor for Your Next Tender

Hiring a quantity surveyor is one of the best investments contractors like you can make. This professional is trained to cost the construction project, advise you on the smartest and most efficient procurement methods or the need for consultants, provide regular cost reports, and keep you within budget, among other things.

What’s more, the expertise of a quantity surveyor can especially come in handy when you are tendering for construction projects. Here are just a few examples of how the quantity surveyor can prove to be an asset to you during this critical time:

Quantity surveyors can assess a potential client. Before you commit to submitting a tender, which can be expensive and quite risky, it helps to get the quantity surveyor to accompany you to the site and determine whether the project is indeed worth going through with. A fresh eye can lend you a clearer perspective of the work that lies ahead and help you make a fully informed decision.

They can find out if your chances of securing the job are good. There can be a number of contractors competing for a single job at any given time; often, when there are more than four, you would be discouraged from taking the risk. A quantity surveyor can obtain information on this — if there are less than four contractors, you gain a better shot and can then focus your energy and resources toward the tender. This can also help you avoid situations wherein the potential client is simply checking out alternative prices.

A quantity surveyor can check if the rates are reasonable. In every job, there will be proposals for liquidated damages. You’ll be able to know if the provided pre-estimate of the loss is satisfactory for you in the event that you successfully secure the job; you may be promised to receive, for example, the equivalent rental amount for an unfinished house. Likewise, quantity surveyors can assess the formal contract and look it over for fair terms and conditions, as well as make sure that the standard retention terms are adhered to.

They can examine the proposed contract period. A quantity surveyor can provide an in-house programming service that can help figure out whether the proposed period is actually achievable on your end.

Having a quantity surveyor on board during the tendering process can be an advantageous move for your business. It may just be the key to securing the best possible contracts for your company.

If you’d like to learn more about how a Quantity Surveyor can help you on your next project, please get in touch.