Why Use A Quantity Surveyor?

Predicting costs for large construction projects that are yet to be procured is a real challenge these days due to the influence of the uncertain European market on suppliers. This situation elicits a direr need to control costs and maximise value as a project unfolds. For this reason, there is now a growing trend for developers and construction companies to hire a quantity surveyor where before, they might have gone without this professional service.

Even if the developer already has a commercial manager, the role of a quantity surveyor is still important. With different procurement methods coming up and changing as new technologies emerge, there is a need for a cost expert to put rhyme and reason to everything.

The services of a quantity surveyor are relevant from the tender stages to the post-contract phase where disputes may arise. No matter what stage the quantity surveyor comes on board, he can ensure that the developer won’t unnecessarily be exposed to financial risk. He can save the company money in various ways or find ways to not spend money in the first place. He does this by working with designers to confirm that the most cost-effective design is chosen, guiding clients in hiring contractors, helping them negotiate a cost plan with chosen contractors, etc. These are valid ways to mitigate financial risks and avoid disputes.

Speaking of disputes, “prevention is better than cure” also works in this scenario, so quantity surveyors work toward dispute avoidance right off, but if disputes do arise, they are equipped to efficiently handle dispute resolution as well.

With the market tightening, more and more disputes are bound to happen, but the true worth of a quantity surveyor is manifested when hired from the outset so that there can be consistent control over the finances throughout the entirety of the project. His services are most beneficial to construction companies and individuals looking to build an impressive home.

For homeowners who are building an expensive house, the recommendation is that they engage the services of a quantity surveyor even if their contractor already has an in-house one. It’s not simple to accurately estimate the cost of a project, and staying within budget is hardly ever easy. It’s best that construction clients engage a quantity surveyor independent of the architect and contractor, but who will liaise with them to look out for the client’s best interests and save money where possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how a Quantity Surveyor can help you on your next project, please get in touch.