What Is a Quantity Surveyor?

A construction project is not without its challenges. No matter how experienced the builders may be with all types of construction, there is one issue that almost always comes up: the cost of the project. This is the main reason why project managers need the services of a quantity surveyor each time they have a project. Hire one during the planning phase of the construction and not in the middle of the project when the issue is starting; this is to avoid the issue of the cost from the very beginning.

But first, let us discuss what a quantity surveyor is and what his role in a construction project would be.

A quantity surveyor is the person who is tasked with making an estimate of the cost of the project and making sure that the project is managed efficiently. This estimate includes the cost of materials, services and labour. It does not matter whether the project is to build a high-rise building construction, a bridge, or residential property. Knowing the cost before the actual construction begins is crucial.

Aside from giving an estimate of the cost of a construction project, there are a number of other roles for quantity surveyors. They are also responsible for making certain that the project is completed on time and keeping the project within the budget. They inspect the construction site and observe the progress of the project. It is a common practice among quantity surveyors not to release the whole budget for the project at the start of construction. They normally divide the project into several stages and release a budget for each stage. This way, the budget is managed efficiently and the risk of spending more is reduced.

The surveyor is also responsible for building inspections and making sure that the structure complies with the building regulations of the city. Note that not complying with building regulations may pose a problem. They also assist in insurance assessment, claims assistance, and defect investigation, and can serve as a maintenance advisor. In addition, a surveyor can settle disputes among contracting parties.

There are quantity surveyors that specialise in only one area, but you could certainly find one who has experience in all types of construction work. If you are keen on having smooth project operations, it would be to your advantage to hire one and be assured that your interests are looked after even if you are away.

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