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A PQS is a professional quantity surveyor and this person role effectively is to stand in the client’s shoes, in terms of managing the costs and legal processes of the building project.  Part of the PQS role is to prepare forecasts, cash flow projections and statements of expenditure as well as contractual documentation.  In most cases, initial, interim and final account payments are calculated for the contractor and are based on the work satisfactorily completed at the valuation date. This is usually done by measurement and by reference to the original priced document (bill of quantities, schedule of rates, schedule of works or priced specification). Interim payments can also take account of agreed variations, things that might change or decisions made during the course of the project.

Pre-contract cost advice and cost planning

  • Preparing and using cost data derived from the plans and drawings
  • Project timeline and program
  • Undertaking feasibility work
  • Producing estimates, budgets and cost plans
  • Undertaking value engineering, comparative design studies
  • Utilising cost-in-use studies, life cycle costing
  • Preparing and interpreting turnover and cash flow projections
  • Providing cost control during pre-contract
  • Advising on different forms of contract and procurement routes

Contract documentation

  • Preparing bills of quantities
  • Preparing bills of re-measurement for final account
  • Preparing schedules of rates
  • Data processing
  • Pre-contract correspondence
  • Advising on different methods of measurement

Tendering and contractual arrangements

  • Formulating and implementing procedures on tendering and contractual arrangements
  • Advising on selection of tenderers
  • Preparing tenders
  • Evaluating tenders

Post contract services

  • Advising on cost progress of works
  • Monitoring proposed construction methods
  • Providing cost control during progress of works
  • Preparing interim valuations
  • Analysing contract prices relative to cost recording methods
  • Preparing and agreeing final accounts and contract charges
  • Reporting on, evaluating and negotiating contractual issues
  • Producing reconciliation statements for management purposes
  • Surveying, measuring and recording site information
  • Providing risk management from inception to completion
  • Assessing and presenting contractual claims

Acting in the role of Employer’s Agent

  • Enacting all necessary responsibilities for the Client

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