Contractual Advice

At the start of the process we will advise on the various contract options available  JCT, target based, NEC, ICE etc  a decision will be made on what type fits the particular project best.  Most smaller projects are managed under a JCT homeowner contract.

We manage and plan all costs associated with all types of construction projects, from outset until completion.

Once the tenders have been received from the main contractor, we will analyse the differences the tender. usually the two lowest contractors are called in for interview, any tender discrepancies are discussed and action taken. The client is then given the choice of who to go with on a like for like comparison. in some cases the lowest tender may be unrealistic and another contractor may be chosen.

In some cases we are presented with a group of tenders which have been sought by clients or architects on a plan and spec basis. These may well be a bag of apples compared to a bag of oranges. Here at DGA we will analyse the tenders, quite often by reference to our own cost plan ; compare the tenders on a line by line basis; and provide the client with a reasoned analysis of the tenders received and a recommendation for selection.

It may be the case that the tenders received are over budget which cause a problem. Here we will work with the lowest tenderer to value engineer the project, reduce costs to ensure the client receives the job they want at the price they want.

If you have a dispute on a contract or your contractor has deserted you then let our dispute team help to unravel it we have a trained barrister and an arbitrator on the team who would be happy to help.  Contact the DGA Contractual Advice Team on 01565 831999.

Our subcontract clients are often in a situation where they are one of two negotiating for a job. Our detailed costing system provides them with the confidence to know exactly what their base costs are , and therefore they know exactly what margin they have to negotiate with.

Above all, whether you are a private client or a contractor our quantity surveyors are concerned with doing the best possible job at the best possible price.

Call us, a discussion can’t hurt, and a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team will be able to guide you.

How to get in touch

DGA provide a professional and comprehensive nationwide Quantity Surveying service.

As a member of the RICS, we are specialist construction cost consultants, we offer advice, guidance and support on a wide range of projects from small extensions to much larger commercial and residential projects. We can also help you with Contract Administrators, Employer’s Agents and Project Managers.

With many years of combined experience, our team can guide a construction project from start to completion with high levels of care and attention to detail.

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