This process is also called Taking Off and probably sounds a lot more interesting than it really is!

This is a technical process relevant to builders and contractors and is the technique of measuring quantities of materials and labour from drawings, sketches and specifications prepared by designers, principally architects and engineers. This process is undertaken in order to prepare tender and contract documents and it is known in the industry as “taking off”. We have an in house Builders Quants Team who specialise in Taking Off and have the expertise to deliver both traditional and Auto CAD complex measuring services. In house we use Cost X and Causeway measuring systems to assist on some projects although this has to be supported by experience gained on site and measuring many difficult and complex structures in the office manually, to get the understanding of the structures and spaces required.

The Builders Quantities team pride themselves on producing this product under severe timescales. See if you can challenge them?

Call us, a discussion can’t hurt, and a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team will be able to guide you.