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Selling Your Land To Developers?

The Biggest Mistake Most Land Owners Make When Selling Development Land...

Most land owners miss out on up to 50% of the value of their land when selling to property developers...

Why? Exaggerated Abnormal Costs...


Property developers don’t want you to know that the Final Open Market Value of your Land is often greatly reduced by overstated or pessimistic costs assessed by the developer...


These costs are deducted from the 'Gross Development Value' of the site to arrive at an 'Open Market Valuation' which forms the basis of the amount paid for your land...


We are experts in reducing and negotiating these Abnormal Costs


Ideally we would get involved before you sign anything. But we can add value at every stage of the process right through to dispute, even when you think it is too late...

Don’t do anything else until you speak to us to understand how we can protect your interests and get the best price for your land.


DGA are experts with a proven track record in protecting land owners interests. We help protect your land value and make sure you get paid fairly.

You can count on our team for quality, reliable and expert advice. We always have your best interests at heart, ensuring you get paid what your land is worth.

  • Increase the Final Open Market Value of Your Land - increase the final value of your land by up to 50%.
  • Challenging Developer’s Abnormal Costs - we identify and negotiate overstated developer costs on your behalf, saving you time and stress whilst getting you the best price.
  • Work hand in hand with your Estate and Land Agents - we complement and support your existing partners.
  • Independent Witness - as professional independent cost consultants we are there if your case goes to independent determination.
  • We Know Every Trick in the Book - we have years of experience to analyse and assess fair costs to make sure you aren't at a disadvantage.
  • Low Cost, Low Risk - our fees are based on the saving we get for you.
  • Call Now For A Same Day FREE Advice - don't sign anything until you speak to us


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A Few Of Our Happy Clients

Q: I am selling land to a developer, what do I need to think about?

A: Land owners and Estate Agents want the maximum Value for the land you are selling.

As independent cost consultants, we have successfully helped landowners maximise the return on their land under option agreements.

The final value landowners receive is often greatly reduced by pessimistic or overstated costs assessed by the developer.

Our experience and expertise in this field allows us to analyse cost estimates with confidence that we can generate better value for the landowner of his land.

Q: How do abnormal costs impact the open market valuation?

A: The higher the projected cost of Abnormals the less the developer will pay the landowner for the land.

Developers frequently tend to be cautious and overestimate abnormal costs so this makes them a key element that can devalue a site.

These costs are deducted from the Gross Development Value of the site to arrive at an Open Market Valuation which forms the basis of the amount paid for the land.
The higher the costs of Abnormals the less the developer will pay the landowner for the land.

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Q: What are abnormal costs?

A: Abnormal costs are additional or unusual costs that a developer might face when developing a site. For example, unusual ground conditions may mean that deeper and more expensive foundations are needed.

Q: Do DGA challenge the developer’s abnormal costs and assumptions?

A: Working with Estate Agents, DGA work on behalf of the landowner to independently review and question the developer’s figures.

We use our experience in this area by conducting a thorough cost analysis of abnormal costs.

We investigate all relevant cost assumptions to get them reduced and agree a more realistic price for the landowner

We can act as an expert witness if cases go to independent determination.

Q: What can DGA achieve for you?

A: On recent Projects we have achieved much higher final agreed Open Market Value for the land by using our negotiating skills with the developer to accept more realistic Abnormal costs.

This increase in value has been significantly higher for the landowner.


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Established in 1993, we have provided professional, timely and accurate costing advice for over 20 years. We are proud to be a leading provider of specialist building cost analysis to clients and contractors, both personal and corporate.

We focus our time, energy, experience and resources into providing what our clients need from us, we listen to what they say, ask the right questions and design the appropriate service for them, we provide the service they need. Clients need to be happy that we have added real value to the project or there is no point to having a Quantity Surveyor on the project.

It doesn’t matter what stage your project is at – ideally we’d get involved right at the start but even at dispute stage, when you think it might be too late, we can add significant value. Having a professional team on your side adds energy and structured communication to the building project, and a drive to get things right as a team and on schedule – in short – a successful project.


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