Constructing high-quality bespoke residences an intricate and specialised process. Each project involves more than 30 contracts and appointments, spanning design, delivery, and handover phases.

Ian Scott

Project Director

Site variations, client preferences, and diverse teams further compound the complexity. Navigating through diverse tasks, logistics, timelines, budgets, and regulations resembles juggling multiple plates while riding a unicycle, demanding skill, balance, and experience.

To address this challenge, DGA has developed a comprehensive approach, Flow the DGA Way.

Leveraging expertise in Construction Cost, DGA Project Managers serve as the central coordinators, assembling teams and managing processes to ensure clarity and alignment with client visions.

This approach allows clients to enjoy the construction process while trusting in streamlined communication and coordinated technical and operational functions.

Ultimately, DGA aims to provide peace of mind to clients, guiding them through the intricate journey of bringing their bespoke home dreams to reality.

“We apply a variety of processes, skills, knowledge and experience to deliver projects within agreed parameters that not only meet a Client’s needs, but exceed them.”



the DGA way




the DGA way




the DGA way




the DGA way

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DGA provide a professional and comprehensive nationwide Quantity Surveying service.

As a member of the RICS, we are specialist construction cost consultants, we offer advice, guidance and support on a wide range of projects from small extensions to much larger commercial and residential projects. We can also help you with Contract Administrators, Employer’s Agents and Project Managers.

With many years of combined experience, our team can guide a construction project from start to completion with high levels of care and attention to detail.

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