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Dispute Resolution

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Expert Quantity Surveyors

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute on a contract? Contractor deserted you?

Protect your interests and get the best possible outcome when a building contract leads to a dispute.

As Expert Quantity Surveyors with a trained barrister and arbitrator on the team we have 25 years experience in resolving disputes.

Unfortunately building contracts sometimes lead to disputes. Disagreements can occur over:

  • Quality or cost of the work
  • Extent or scope of the project
  • Time taken to complete
  • Or even the contract terms themselves.

With our knowledge and experience we can advise either party. We always aim to reach a settlement. However, we can advise on the alternative dispute resolution procedures including mediation, adjudication, arbitration and litigation

Don’t do anything else until you speak to us to understand how we can protect your interests throughout the dispute resolution.


How big is your dispute?

In order for us to advice you and serve you in the best possible way please click the appropriate button depending on the size of your dispute.

Our prices start at £1,500 + VAT for smaller disputes. We do offer a free monthly webinar where we answer questions and provide advice. Click here to register your interest

A Few Of Our Happy Clients

Established in 1993, we have provided professional, timely and accurate costing advice for over 20 years. We are proud to be a leading provider of specialist building cost analysis to clients and contractors, both personal and corporate.

We focus our time, energy, experience and resources into providing what our clients need from us, we listen to what they say, ask the right questions and design the appropriate service for them, we provide the service they need. Clients need to be happy that we have added real value to the project or there is no point to having a Quantity Surveyor on the project.

It doesn’t matter what stage your project is at – ideally we’d get involved right at the start but even at dispute stage, when you think it might be too late, we can add significant value. Having a professional team on your side adds energy and structured communication to the building project, and a drive to get things right as a team and on schedule – in short – a successful project.


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