Difference Between Quantity Surveying & Building Surveying

In the field of construction costing, we are often asked what is the difference between Quantity Surveyor and Building Surveying.  We thought we’d have our expert team answer the question once and for all, to help give you the information needed to progress your project.

Quantity Surveying is concerned primarily with project cost where the number, amount, type of materials are counted and priced to provide project estimates, budget and cost control through the works.  Quantity surveyors control construction costs by accurate measurement of the work required, the application of expert knowledge of costs and prices of work, labour, materials and plant required, an understanding of the implications of design decisions at an early stage to ensure that good value is obtained for the money to be expended.

Building Surveying covers a broad spectrum of roles from measured survey and design, structural surveys, legal matters such as leases and party wall awards, contract running and site supervision etc etc. More of a site based role liaising with clients and builders.

The technique of measuring quantities from drawings and specifications prepared by designers, principally architects and engineers, in order to prepare Tender/Contract Documents, is known in the industry as taking off. The quantities of work taken off typically are used to prepare bills of quantities, which usually are prepared in accordance with a published standard method of measurement as agreed to by the QS profession and representatives of the construction industry.

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