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Do you want to build something that lasts, looks great, doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t cost the earth?

Then DGA Life is the service for you. We will help you understand the whole-life build approach to your building project – where you don’t just look at the bottom line today, you look at what your project will cost for its lifetime and how that can benefit you and generations to come.

At DGA Life we can help you reduce the cost of your project as well as the carbon and material used, without compromising your design.


The built environment is responsible for almost 40% of global carbon emissions.

At DGA we recognise that the construction industry must play its part in order to help the meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. DGA Life adds the necessary data to your design to help improve the sustainability of your project.

By quantifying the impacts of your design, you can make informed, scientific choices taking the necessary steps towards net carbon zero, low impact building. Choice of construction materials, energy performance, water use, and many other factors affect the impact of your project.

Improving the sustainability of your home has financial benefits. For example, increasing the value of your building, achieving higher building ratings, reducing running costs and lowering the carbon footprint of project.

Benefits to users of this service

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Make long term savings for your build

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Reduce operational costs

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Increase the value of your property

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Reduce the environmental impact of your project

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Earn BREEAM and LEED points


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Looking past the simple construction and site impacts, Life Cycle ssessment (LCA), measures the whole-life impacts of a building. LCA assesses the environmental consequences of building from the extraction of raw materials, the manufacture of building products, the construction process, the maintenance and operation of the building, to its final end of life demolition.

Life Cycle Assessment adds environmental impact data to the design space. We help you get to the heart of sustainability by revealing the parts of your building project that can make the biggest difference to the planet – now and in the future. We don’t ‘greenwash’ your project – we help you know the facts so you can make informed choices about your build.


Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Capital costs, payback periods and return on investment – for a long time this has been the bottom line in construction costing and quantity surveying. However, by developing our understanding of the true costs of modern buildings beyond the completion of the project, we can make savings that are beneficial for builders, developers, investors, residents and the planet.

Life cycle costing extends beyond the simple Return-on-investment (ROI)-based calculations, taking into account the full life span of a building including its construction, maintenance, operation and end of life costs.


Embodied Carbon

A building’s embodied carbon, or carbon footprint, is the total amount of CO2 emitted through the life-cycle of the building. This includes carbon emitted to the atmosphere from manufacture of materials and construction (capital carbon), and emissions from energy use (operational carbon). Embodied carbon can be calculated using life-cycle analysis data and can help optimise your design to be as low carbon as possible.


Who are we for?



Justify your design decisions with scientific data, make greener choices and have the figures to back it up.



Lift the veil on sustainable building. We help you to make the greenest, most economical choice for your home.


Developers and Contractors

Demonstrate high standards of sustainability in your projects, win more work, and bolster your planning applications.

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