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“We provide bespoke project management advice designed for the more complex projects, which we then shape to suit the Clients’ individual needs”

“We deliver seamless project experiences to the highest of standards with expertise, integrity and a human touch. Our service is built upon decades of industry knowledge and trust, enabling a project to flow. Full of involvement, energised focus and enjoyment.”

Ian Scott

Director of Project Management

30 years of experience and expertise successfully delivering over 40 complex residential projects.

Helping to achieve your vision through our extensive knowledge and network of trusted contacts – get the right people on the project who have a proven track record and can deliver.

Protecting your interests and ensuring that you are achieving best value from the market.

Taking ownership and accountability for all aspects of the project, ensuring that you are kept up-to-date and are fully aware of what is going on – act as your eyes and ears on the ground.

Keep project on-programme and set milestones for the rest of the team to deliver.

Helping you to enjoy the project, becoming your trusted advisor that you can turn to for accurate and honest advice.

Project Planning

At the very inception of the project we can advise on the suitability and feasibility of a scheme, including potential timescales. We can also guide you on the appointment of a suitable design team and the best way to procure the works through a building contractor.

In conjunction with our Quantity Surveyors, we provide initial budget construction costs as well as ‘all in’ project cost projections incorporating any Client direct costs, fees and VAT.

Project Management

Taking overall responsibility for the management and co-ordination of the project, the design team and the contractor.

Your trusted advisor providing ‘eyes and ears on the ground’ and monitoring performance to ensure that time, cost and the highest levels of quality expectations are met.

Client Representative

We appreciate that our Clients are often busy people and may not have the desire to immerse themselves into a construction project. When this is the case, we take on the role of their representative to work closely with their family office and in-house staff to fully understand their requirements, implement them and report back regularly on progress.

Think of this as Project Management Plus.

Equally, some Clients can’t wait to get started on a construction project and want to throw themselves into it. We like to ensure that you can be involved as much as or as little as you want to be, particularly in design sign offs and materials selection, ensuring that the process is enjoyable from start to finish.

Contract Administration

Formally administering the contract with the Contractor on your behalf. We ensure that the procedures of the contract are followed and that the flow of information is well managed. We also ensure that any changes to the scope of works are captured and instructed accordingly.

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    Initial Advice & Project Brief

    Develop Client Brief:
    Vital to understanding what your requirements are for the project so that this can be captured and communicated to the team.

    Advise on surveys & site investigations:
    Often at the start of the project there are a number of unknowns before the design can be progressed. The risk attributed to these can be lessened by carrying out surveys and site investigations. We use the benefit of our experience to advise on what might be required to de-risk the project, enabling the design team to have a much better idea of what can/ cannot be achieved with the design.

    Advise on any specialist services required:
    Depending on the nature of your brief, you may also require specialist advice from the likes of acoustic consultants, lighting designers, audio & visual experts etc. We can put forward trusted specialists from our extensive network who are the right fit for you and the project.

    Layout options and outline budgets:
    An initial appraisal to guide you on what may or may not be feasible within your budget.

    Advise Client on CDM obligations:
    Advise you on your obligations as a Client under the CDM Regulations.
    With the correct consultants on board, your obligations and risk can be managed out.

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    Presentation & Cost Plan

    Cost Plan based on planning/ pre-planning drawings and concept design:
    Prepared by the project Quantity Surveyor, this gives you an idea of whether build costs will be within budget or not, and allows you to recalibrate design upwards or downwards, before any potentially abortive design work takes place.

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    Appointment of Professional Team

    Advise the Client on the selection, the terms of appointment and fee structures for the Professional Team:
    Utilising the benefit of our industry knowledge and extensive network, we advise you on prospective fee levels and terms of appointment ensuring that you are achieving best value or the ‘market rate’ for all of your consultants. We also prepare the formal appointments in order to protect your interests.

    Establish a structure and procedure, convene and Chair principal project meetings:

    To ensure meetings are focused and attended by the right members of the team, as well as ensuring important information is minuted and distributed to those that need it.


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    Programme & Execution

    Prepare and maintain a Project execution plan:
    The bible for the project – outlining who is responsible for what, together with procedures and protocols to be followed.

    Prepare a Master Programme for the project:
    Organise and focus the mind of consultants – setting deadlines for tasks and managing them on your behalf.

    Identify any long delivery building components and systems:
    Working closely with the Architect, any long lead in delivery components are identified and can be programmed in or designed out accordingly depending on your requirements. This reduces the risk of delays further down the line.

    Advise on early works packages such as demolition, strip out and enabling works:
    Depending on your programme aspirations/ project deadlines, we provide advice on carrying out any demolition, strip out or enabling works packages in advance of the main works.

    Manage the design team in the completion of the design in accordance with the project budget and master programme:
    Acting as your eyes and ears to ensure that the Professional Team are performing and delivering in accordance with their appointment.


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    Procurement & Contractor Appointment

    Assist in the procurement of early works packages such as demolition, strip out and enabling works:
    Working closely with the project Quantity Surveyor, this serves to de-risk the project by minimising unknowns on the site or within the building fabric.

    Advise on the most appropriate contractor and procurement route for the main construction element of the project:
    Working closely with the project Quantity Surveyor, this ensures you have the most appropriate contractors bidding for the job and identifies any financial weakspots in the tenderers through a Pre-Qualification process.

    Ensure construction contracts are in place:
    Talk everyone through the terms of the contract, ensuring harmony from the outset, and clarity on key terms entered into.


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    Monitor the construction process:
    Attending design team meetings on your behalf and visiting site on a regular basis to be your eyes and ears on the ground, reporting regularly on progress and quality matters. Any changes to the design will be captured and the effect that they will have on cost and programme will be reported to you for approval.

    Monitor the satisfaction of any planning conditions and associated obligations:
    Failure to discharge planning conditions before, during and after the build, could jeopordise the project leading to delays and increased costs. We monitor these actions and assign them to the correct members of the design team to close out.


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    Post-Construction Handover

    Prepare and maintain a handover plan:
    Ensuring that the handover process is smooth and you have all the essential information to hand/ are as familiar as can be with the way the building operates.

    Manage the defects period of the construction contract:
    Capture and instruct the contractor accordingly should any defects arise during the 12 month defects period.

    Advise on future maintenance regime:
    Assisting you with advice on maintenance contracts to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the building long in to the future.


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    DGA Partnership enquiry

    Discuss any future requirements  partnership opportunities.



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