Life as a Senior QS

Every family has a driving force, and at DGA, one of our family’s driving forces is our outstanding team of senior quantity surveyors. Despite the title, our quantity surveyors are all equals, whether they have been practicing for years, or they are brand new in the industry. Our seniors guide, focus and assist our assistants in any way that they can, encouraging excellent results every time. Our team are our biggest achievement, and we cannot wait for our clients and peers to get to know us all.

I sat down with one of our seniors Will Cheung, who manages the BQ department at DGA, to find out the ins and outs of life as a senior QS.

  1. What made you want to become a QS?

Whilst I was in college choosing my options for university, I wanted to do accountancy. It was after my brother spoke to me and suggested being a QS. I didn’t know what a QS was at the time, but I did my research on it and it sounded interesting. It was like mixing accountancy and construction all in one. This was appealing to me as I wasn’t just looking at numbers, I was able to see a final product of the numbers in the shape of the construction project.

  1. Hardest part of the job?

I think the hardest part of the job is capturing the full project from the drawings and understanding all the fine details. The details could be financial by keeping track of the smallest amounts or information depicted on the drawings. As a QS, you need a keen eye for detail and a logical approach to tasks.

  1. Most rewarding/favourite part of the job?

Managing the BQ department. From this, I train the juniors and assistants in this area. As time passes, I can see the progress that they make. I try and tailor my approach to each QS when training as everyone has a preferred style. The satisfaction I have from receiving the BQs which require zero changes is great as it illustrates the hard-work we all put in the get to the end product.

  1. Biggest professional achievement?

Seven years ago, I started my journey as a QS and 4 years later, I lead and manage a team of QSs producing BQs.

  1. What are your professional goals for the future?

Currently, I am working through my APC to get chartered and to achieve MRICS status. Following that, I would like to achieve MCIOB status too.