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The management of a construction process is a stressful and time consuming one. Most people will only undertake it a couple of times in a lifetime, and it can be a make or break experience both financially and for peace of mind. Contractors undertake them several times a year, but the same conditions apply however many times you undertake it.

Whatever your role and wherever you stand, having a Quantity Surveyor on your team adds an energy and structure to the project which would otherwise be missing, formalising and monitoring the day-to-day activity and utilising their expertise to foresee the problems and mitigate the risks.

Whatever stage of the building project you are currently at, good quality advice can help to smooth the way to success. Whether you are a project owner or a contractor, see our easy-to-use guide below to pinpoint where you are in the process and what your next steps should be.

1. Outline drawings or sketches

Establishing a collaborative working framework on the project is the key to a successful working relationship. Understanding the fundamental cost elements at an early stage gains confidence and trust. If you use us for your budget costs we can understanding your underlying cost structure and build a secure understanding of your business freeing up your time for other things.

2. Budget

A detailed budget is a fundamental and crucial document in the project which will be constantly referred to and referenced, it benchmarks efficiency and controls costs. Doing a good job at this stage allows the contractor more time to run sites and operations, saving money and improving client relationships.

3. Tendering drawings

Using the budget as a basis we create a detailed document broken down into sections then go out to sub-contractors and specialist suppliers for price packages in order to minimise the risk for contractors and clients on these elements. At this stage we can do some detailed “what if“ analysis and prepare an professional submission for presentation to your client and secure the business.

4. Find a builder

We have an impressive network of contractors, subcontractors and specialist suppliers which we deploy for the benefit of our clients

5. Schedule of works or bill of quantities

Builders quantities and priced schedules are routinely prepared at short notice by our BQ team. We are set up to do this with a selection of software tools to help us.

6. Advice on contractors

We can advise on how to present your information to the client for the best result and support the contractor through the tender process

7. Tendering process

At this point value engineering can mean the difference between success and failure, our years of experience can make that difference.

8. Evaluation

COST PROGRAM AND QUALITY – managing these elements in the project and being clear as to expectations differentiates contractors, being proactive in terms of risk and timetable as well as costs builds confidence with the client.

9. Tender report

After getting this far you will want to win the work so it’s time to show that you have professional support, you can provide solutions and manage risk. We can help with that.

10. Contracts

Difficulties with contracts can arise due to lack of clarity, we can advise on disputes, payment valuations, contract terms and validity.

11. Project management

Ensuring a fair allocation of costs, savings and highlighting any risks can take time you don’t have. We have experienced project managers on the team more than capable of running sites and trouble shooting.

Call us, a discussion can’t hurt, and a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team will be able to guide you.

How to get in touch

DGA provide a professional and comprehensive nationwide Quantity Surveying service.

As a member of the RICS, we are specialist construction cost consultants, we offer advice, guidance and support on a wide range of projects from small extensions to much larger commercial and residential projects. We can also help you with Contract Administrators, Employer’s Agents and Project Managers.

With many years of combined experience, our team can guide a construction project from start to completion with high levels of care and attention to detail.

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