Avoid Disputes with Your Builder: Hire a Quantity Surveyor

During a construction project, coming across issues or problems is unavoidable. If you go around and ask owners of different buildings, they will tell you that a million things could go wrong throughout the project period. However, hiring the right people can bring that number of potential problems down so that you can experience smooth sailing when building a commercial space, a residential structure, or any other type of construction that you plan on doing.

One of the many problems that you could and would definitely want to avoid is facing disputes with your builders. Here are a few examples of the problems you could potentially encounter with the team:

  1. When the owner of the building does not have enough knowledge on the process of purchasing and choosing what to purchase, they usually leave it up to the builders to make the decision. However, in many cases, this ends in disappointment and spending more money than you should. The builders may make decisions that do not put your interest first. 
  2. Builders do not make inspections and make a progress report. If no one checks on the quality of work being done and makes sure that the budget is being followed, there could be financial problems. And if the two of you do not work out these issues, the builder could just stop working and leave the project unfinished. 
  3. Disputes with builders tend to come up if the contract is not specific. If a certain work on a building is not specified on a contract, the builders are not going to do it. You will need a person who knows what needs to be done, a person with a construction background such as a quantity surveyor to review the contract for you.
  4. Builders rarely visit the construction site before they begin work. In the event that they find something wrong with the location or if there is an obstruction, they will refuse to do the job and you will be left with financial repercussions.

This is why it is crucial to the success of your project to hire a quantity surveyor since that person has the knowledge and experience when it comes to construction. He will be with you planning the whole thing from the very beginning until the project is completed. Disputing with your builders will get you nowhere, especially if you lack the knowledge and experience. What’s more, it is going to cost you even more money than you had planned on spending.

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