5 Ways A Quantity Surveyor Saves You From Stress on Your Building Projects

It is essential to find the right balance between cost, time and quality when undertaking a home building project. When you work with a professional, experienced and ingenious team, you’ll have access to various solutions that will allow you to follow your plans but remain aligned with your budget and timeframe.

On the other hand, when the team in charge of the building project fails to achieve this balance, it can result in a host of problems, from cost overruns to project delays and even safety hazards due to inferior workmanship. You can avoid this high level of stress in your building projects by hiring a reputable quantity surveyor.

quantity surveyor, also known as a cost engineer, can help take the stress out of your building project through the following ways:

You’ll have an accurate idea of how much the project will cost. Your quantity surveyor allows you to make sufficient preparation for the project by providing you with accurate, up-to-date and relevant cost information based on the project plans. The more understanding you have of the processes involved, the better you can eliminate mistakes and focus your attention and resources on what matters most to you.

You can develop a realistic budget that is aligned with your vision.The quantity surveyor will take the time to sit down with you and acquire a good understanding of your priorities and expectations. Based on your requirements, the quantity surveyor will then develop a feasibility study. A highly skilled quantity surveyor will be able to plot out the most cost-efficient ways to translate your ideas from concept to completion (that’s why they are also called “value engineers”).

You’ll have a systematic way of overseeing your budget. A building project is made up of numerous moving parts that involve a large number of people, regardless of how big or small your property may be. Keeping track of every single expense can be difficult if you’re not armed with the skills and the experience to do it. A quantity surveyor will keep an eye on spending and implement cost control measures to cut additional expenses.

You’ll have someone to resolve changes and disputes in the middle of the project. When something unexpected happens in the middle of a project, it most likely will directly affect the project funds. Thus, quantity surveyors are also tasked to address changes (such as a delay in the timetable or a different route a contractor is suggesting) as they happen. This way, you can be sure to work within your budget without sacrificing your standards and preferences.

You’ll be able to have an objective assessment upon project completion. Unlike your other contractors, the work of a quantity surveyor does not stop once the property has been built. It is also part of their duty to submit a final report that details an itemised tally of all the actual costs incurred.

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