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10 Ways DGA Can Assist a Contractor with Tendering

Tendering is expensive and can be risky – here is how we can help

1. Weigh up your client before committing to submitting a tender – can you work with them?

How DGA can help you: we can accompany the builder on an initial site visit and offer a second opinion

2. Have a look at the contract conditions – is there a formal contract?

How DGA can help you: if there is a contract proposed, we can look over to ensure it is fair to the contractor

3. Is there a retention proposed ?

How DGA can help you: normally 5% with 2.5% released on completion. DGA can check this to make sure standard terms are adhered to .

4. Are liquidated damages proposed ? Are the rates reasonable ?

How DGA can help you: must be a reasonable pre estimate of the loss – eg equivalent rental value of the uncompleted house . DGA can assess this

5. What is the proposed contract period ? Is it achievable?

How DGA can help you: DGA offer an in house programming service

6. Has the enquiry come through a recommendation ? Have you worked with the architect / consultant before ?

How DGA can help you: DGA can offer advice on who the consultants usually work with

7. How many contractors are in for the job ? What are your chances ? Has the enquiry come through google / internet ? Is it a fishing trip for alternative prices ?

How DGA can help you: over 4 contractors – usually not worth pricing ; less than 4 – one or two may drop out in the tender process and leave you with a better chance. We can find this information out for you.

8. Is there a bq or schedule of works ?

How DGA can help you: this will improve the chances of the tenders being received on an equal basis and also reduce the cost of tendering . If there is not a BQ we can produce one.

9. Will the client accept an initial budget cost ? (two stage tender )

How DGA can help you: the cost of the initial budget will be a lot less than the cost of the full tender and may be an inexpensive way to assess whether the client is serious or not

10. Post tender / pre-contract negotiations

How DGA can help you: we can lead these on your behalf to ensure that your precious margin is not diminished or even eliminated altogether !


If you’re a contractor looking for a quantity surveyor to help with your next tender, please get in touch with us for a quote.

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