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Tender Prices Set to Rise

Recent statistics for the 2015, are indicating that tender prices are predicted to rise, both nationally and in London. Contractors tendering for work, particularly in London and the south east are increasingly seeking to boost margins and walk away from bidding risky or unattractive jobs.

London prices are predicted to rise in the range 5% – 7% according to industry sources.  Nationally the picture is for prices to rise in the range 4-5%

The raise in the tender pricing, highlights the need for contractors to use a reliable, accurate and informed consultant when preparing tenders.  The prediction for the tender pricing, is also a strong reminder for This also highlights the need for private clients the need to use a QS to advise on best value and reduce risk of cost overruns.

Derek Gough Associates Ltd. are experts in both of these fields – please contact one of our team members for further advice.

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